Virtual Walk-in Clinic
Virtual Walk-in Clinic


Dermatology– custom for you.

Consultations, assessments and treatments available online for all of Ontario.

How it works​

Book a consultation
A doctor will listen to your symptoms 
and determine whether a referral to a dermatologist is necessary
Receive a referral
Your information will be securely 
sent to a licensed Canadian dermatologist for review.
See a cardiologist – virtually

Your cardiologist consultation will determine whether or not it is necessary
for you to receive any further testing.

Why choose Cover Health?

1. We get you referrals
You can receive a referral from our doctors and see a cardiologist all without leaving the house with Cover Health.
2. Free for Ontarians and 100% OHIP coverage
Get the care you need and no extra charge. Our consultation appointments, referrals and cardiologist appointments are covered by OHIP for all Ontario residents.

3000+ skin, hair and nail conditions diagnosed 
and treated

Many common conditions affecting these areas are easily treated and need only a visual inspection to be diagnosed. 
Some include:
  • • Acne
  • • Alopecia (hair loss)
  • • Psoriasis
  • • Rashes
  • • Eczema
  • • Nail infections
  • • Dermatitis
  • • Pigment disorders
  • • Skin infections
  • • Shingles

We're hiring doctors!

Virtual Walk-in Clinic
A reminder
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