Virtual Walk-in Clinic
Virtual Walk-in Clinic


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How it works

Talk to a GP virtually

Review your medical history and your family planning considerations.

Get a customized referral

Allowing you to meet with a specialist.

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Leading Canadian Fertility specialists.

1. Learn about what your hormone levels mean for your fertility, now or in the future.

2. Decide whether its time to consider assisted reproductive technologies, like IUI or IVF.

3. Better manage a condition that impacts your fertility, like PCOS or endometriosis.

4. Understand why egg freezing is being used by more and more women, and what you should consider.

Dr. Marjorie Dixon

Founded Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health with
the vision of a reproductive medicine centre where evidence-based medical care could be balanced with compassion for all patients who require assistance to create their families.

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Additional resources

More about fertility

Visit Anova fertility for more details, or any of the other great online resources, such as: Health Canada’s overview of infertility, which includes causes, treatment options, and what to ask you doctor. Fertility Matters Canada website has a quiz to learn more about factors that might be impacting your fertility.
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Virtual Walk-in Clinic