Virtual Walk-in Clinic
Virtual Walk-in Clinic

Talk to doctors online from home

A digital clinic that's free for Ontarians
Cover Health believes in access to virtual healthcare from the comfort of your home. Open 7 days a week, our team of medical experts has you Covered. 

100% OHIP Covered​

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Cover Health is proud to partner with Jack Health and Jill Health to provide virtual medical support for men's and women's health issues.

How it works


OHIP covers your visit. Register with your Health Card information and we’ll take it from there.

Enter the Queue

Your appointment is confirmed! A doctor will be ready to call you as soon as they’re finished helping other patients in line.

Speak with Doctor

Powered by the Ontario Telemedicine Network, start a secure conversation with an Ontario doctor.

*Non-OHIP cardholders can also receive care at no charge as long as they are in Ontario.

What is

Telemedicine allows convenient, at-home access to healthcare for all. Our doctors see patients remotely to work more efficiently and subsequently ensuring more people receive care. This helps to reduce unnecessary hospital visits & provide some relief to our currently burdened healthcare system.

OHIP covered,
and safe

Seeing patients remotely also allows our doctors to work more efficiently, allowing more people to receive care. This helps to reduce unnecessary hospital visits & take some of the burden off of our healthcare system.

How we can help

we can help


Bye bye waiting rooms

If you have questions, concerns, or just need a sick note – book an online consultation or call with our doctors. Don’t start looking for your keys or getting out of your PJ’s, we’ll give you a shout.


Above and beyond care

Whether it’s a referral to a specialist, a follow up appointment, or a simple prescription refill- you deserve the highest standard of treatment and care. Your wellbeing is our first priority.


We have you covered

We are open 7 days a week with a variety of providers available to meet your healthcare needs.

Learn more about us
and our medical team

Learn more
about us and our
medical team

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Virtual Walk-in Clinic